Dina Tavakoli at her tent for the Joy of Feeding, indulging the crowd with delicious kababs
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Joy of Feeding at the UBC Farm

A woman places a spoonful of jam on bannock at an outdoor culinary event. Her t-shirt says, "Burn sage sweetgrass & the Indian Act".
Joy of Feeding at the UBC Farm, Vancouver, Oct 2 2022. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Review and Photos – Joy of Feeding at the UBC Farm, Vancouver, Oct 2 2022

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful fall day as we gathered at the UBC Farm to experience the favourite family recipes of 12 local chefs/chef teams for this year’s revival Joy of Feeding event. 

On arrival attendees were greeted with their dining essentials: a compostable plate, napkin, and cutlery. Lining the edges of the field, the featured chefs were ready to serve tasty delicacies such as Pork Belly Adobo, from Andrea Alridge (Osteria Savio Volpe) and Alden Ong (Farmer’s Apprentice), and Harrisa Roasted UBC Farm Carrot Toast from Darren Clay (UBC Food Services). Plate in hand, we eagerly headed straight to the first tent where Burdock and Co’s Jiwon Seo offered Korean Chungmu Gimbop. Though there were many delicious options to sample, two of my favourites were German and Czech Beef Goulash dished up by Blue Water Cafe’s Frank Pabst, and a vegetarian curry called Bombay Frankie from Vikram Vij. 

Joy of Feeding at the UBC Farm, Vancouver, Oct 2 2022. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Founded in 2011 by Meeru Dhalwala, chef and co-owner of Vij’s restaurant, Joy of Feeding is known for being not your average food event. The freeform event offered delicious food and also ample opportunity for fun or relaxing or both, depending on your preference. In its last, most successful iteration, attendance was around 700, however this year’s event felt smaller and a little more subdued, but also meant shorter lines and ample opportunity to grab a seat at a picnic table. While waiting for an opportunity to sneak back for seconds, opportunities were also available to tour the UBC Farm to learn more about their programs, or for those who were brave enough, to join Vij for a dance party on the lawn.  

This year’s Joy of Feeding event supported food literacy and sustainability programs at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and UBC Farm, as well as the Chefs’ Table Society’s future Culinary Centre. 

A full list of participating chefs and their family dishes can be found on the UBC Farm website.

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