Ana Sosa and Rachel Helten rehearse for Kinesis Dance in a Mount Pleasant community facility
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Kinesis Dance’s Bright Shadow Rehearsal

Justin Calvadores, Rachel Helten, Ana Sosa and Bennett Tracz rehearse Bright Shadow for Kinesis Dance, Mar 21 2024.

Photos – Kinesis Dance’s Bright Shadow Rehearsal in Vancouver, Mar 21 2024

Local contemporary dance company Kinesis Dance rehearse Bright Shadow for the upcoming fundraiser on April 4th. From the Kinesis website, “Kinesis Dance somatheatro is based in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s mandate is to contribute to the development of the art of modern dance through workshops and performances both in Canada and abroad. The company seeks to explore the human condition through contemporary dance and physical theatre.”

The full performance of this beautiful work-in-progress piece can be seen at the Revel Kinesis Dance Fundraiser on April 4th at The Dance Centre in Vancouver. More details from the site: “Come celebrate with us as Kinesis Dance Somatheatro closes a chapter and opens a new one. As we honour Paras Terezakis’ 38 years (and counting) of innovation and artistic excellence, we also embrace the transition as he passes the torch to Vancouver choreographer and dance artist Rachel Helten. Join us to honour Paras’ legacy and to catch a glimpse of Rachel’s new vision for the Company.”

Tickets for the Revel Kinesis Dance Fundraiser April 4th:

Full gallery of Kinesis Dance’s Bright Shadow Rehearsal:



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