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Poolside at the Hollywood Theatre

Poolside at the Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, Feb 3 2024. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Review and Photos – Poolside at the Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, Feb 3 2024

An eager crowd at Vancouver’s sold-out Hollywood theatre cheered for the arrival of LA’s Poolside on Saturday night. As the band trickled onto the stage, multi-instrumentalist Casey Butler kicked things off with an impressive saxophone solo–2020’s “Abandoned Tunnel.” The cheers rang louder as Poolside’s founder and frontman, Jeffrey Paradise arrived centre stage. The music picked up and the haze of dancing began. 

Kicking off in mid-January, Poolside’s Blame It All On Love tour worked its way up the West Coast to Vancouver, bringing their chill, sunny vibes with them, and to several other North American cities, including Toronto and Montreal later this month. 

Poolside at the Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, Feb 3 2024. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Described as “appropriately chill music for summer soirees,” one couldn’t help but wish they were lounging by a pool under the summer sun while swaying back and forth to the relaxed beats. The stage was appropriately adorned with palm trees and jute rugs, and a signature sunset image was painted on drummer Vito Roccoforte’s bass drum. Mattie Safer (bass) and Alton San Giovanni (guitar) rounded out the group on stage. 

Poolside at the Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, Feb 3 2024. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Blame It All On Love is the group’s fourth studio album and features several collaborations with artists, including Munya (“Lonely Night”), Slenderbodies (“Hold Onto You”) and Panama (“Back To Life”). The set list for Saturday night included new releases, older favourites and a few covers, including their captivating remix of Miami Horror’s “Leila” and the crowd-pleasing “Harvest Moon.”  2020’s “Can’t Stop Your Lovin’” never fails to get listeners moving, as did 2017’s “Everything Goes.” 

The night was awash with groovy beats, smooth vocals and serene instrumentals. Despite the dark night and cold weather outside, the crowd was warmed up and embraced the summer vibes that Poolside brings.

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