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Hannah Georgas at the Hollywood Theatre

Canadian singer-songwriter Hannah Georgas wrapped up her Canadian tour in Vancouver on Thursday night. The Juno-nominated musician played songs from her latest album, I’d Be Lying if I Said I Didn’t Care, as well as some old favourites, for the crowd at Kitsilano’s Hollywood Theatre. 

A blue light illuminated the stage as Georgas’ band took their places. As melodic music began to play, Georgas joined them on stage, quietly checking the tuning on her guitar before beginning the show with “Scratch”, the first song on I’d Be Lying

Hannah Georgas at the Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, Dec 7 2023. Kirk Chantraine photo.

A few tracks in and cheers erupted from the crowd as Georgas announced the next song, “Enemies” from her 2012 self-titled album. A song that she notes is about firing someone. Throughout the show, Georgas shared similar anecdotes and insights into the songs she sang, highlighting the stories and meaning behind her songwriting. 

“Someone I Don’t Know”, from 2020’s All That Emotion, is about a relationship, “that really stunk”, Georgas shared to laughs from the crowd. On the recent single, “Fake Happy”, she sang about a friendship that drifted apart. 

Georgas was joined on stage by Ferd Moore on drums, Robbie Driscoll on guitar and Andrew Braun on keys. Center stage, Georgas alternated between keys and guitar to accompany her impressive vocals which are especially notable on the chorus of 2016’s “Don’t Go.” 

Sam Lynch at the Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, Dec 7 2023. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Vancouver’s-own Sam Lynch opened the show and woo’d the hometown crowd with soft, thoughtful indie rock songs. She returned to the stage midway through Georgas’ set to lend her voice to a duet of “Beautiful View”—a beautiful song about gaining a new perspective.

I don’t know why I’m only noticing now
I’ve been walking around this whole time with my head down
Make myself bored on purpose, keep my cool on the surface
I couldn’t tell
I had this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful view

After dancing her way to the end of her set, Georgas took a simple bow and said thank you to the crowd before exiting to the side of the stage. Though the fantastic set wasn’t quite enough for the eager listeners, who soon cheered her back to the stage for a two-song encore.

Hannah Georgas at the Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, Dec 7 2023. Kirk Chantraine photo.

The bonus tracks began with “Beat Stuff”, a song she wrote about her desire to really pursue music—thankfully she did. The final song of the night, “Ode to Mom”, was based on a letter Georgas wrote to her mother of a memory of her father. Her father, a swimming instructor, said the words that are memorable not only to Georgas but also now to her fans, “if there’s magic on this planet it’s in the water.”

There was magic in the room throughout the night as Georgas shared her music with friends and fans in Vancouver. Whether she is singing about relationships or following her passions, Georgas songwriting is honest, relatable and moving. Both mellow and uplifting, her music does what music should—it makes you feel.

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