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Tove Lo at the Vogue Theatre

Even with a fractured foot, the show must go on, proclaimed Sweden’s Tove Lo. Seated centre stage in a plush, pink velvet throne, the singer-songwriter introduced her injured foot, nicknamed ‘Bloaty’, to the crowd.

With three studio albums and one EP already under her belt, Tove Lo released her fourth studio album, Sunshine Kitty, last September. The music video for “Glad He’s Gone” (the album’s first single) was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

A few symbolic cat ears poked up above the crowd at the Vogue Theatre on Sunday night for the Vancouver stop on the Sunshine Kitty Tour. It was a full-house with energetic fans filling the dance floor and spilling into the aisles at the sold-out, all-ages show.

With her drummer, guitarist and keyboardist in place, Tove Lo opened the show with “Glad He’s Gone”. An LED screen behind the stage flashed prompts for the song’s catchy lyrics, ‘Yup’, ‘No’ and ‘Hmm’. Still cool, broken foot and all, Tove reclined into her ornate chair to perform the 2016 single, “Cool Girl”. Throughout the evening, the Swedish singer performed to a sea of waving hands, her engaging electropop resonated with fans who sang and danced along to every song.

Tove Lo at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Feb 23 2020. Pavel Boiko photo.
Tove Lo at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Feb 23 2020. Pavel Boiko photo.

Launching into the dance portion of the set with 2014’s “Talking Body”, Tove Lo was joined on stage by a male dancer who contributed more elaborate dance routines throughout the performance. Amid a haze of smoke and dim orange and blue lights, Tove performed a sultry dance. As she ditched her denim jacket the energized crowd reacted with cheers.

Slowing things down, Tove performed an intimate rendition of “Moments”. Alone on stage she played piano and sang the vulnerable single from her debut album, Queen of the Clouds. Enjoying the moment, the audience held up their phones and brightened the dark room with their flashlights.

Ending her regular set with Out of Mind, Tove left the stage briefly until fans called her back for a three song encore featuring the 2013 hit, “Habits (Stay High)”. She ended the night with her latest release, “Bikini Porn”. 

Tove’s boyfriend, DJ Twaddle, filled in last minute as the opening DJ. He started the night off right by building up the energy in the room prior to Tove’s performance.

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