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Generationals at The Fox Cabaret

Generationals at The Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, Aug 27 2019. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Review & Photos – Generationals at The Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, Aug 27 2019

“Are you ready? We’re Ready!” Generationals’ Grant Widmer asked the audience from the stage at the very packed Fox Cabaret. “The answer is yes!”, his bandmate Ted Joyner replied for the cheering crowd.

The New Orleans’ duo have been making music together since 2009 and have put together an impressive set list over the last ten years. Accompanied by a drummer and bassist, they performed a solid selection of songs, from old favourites like 2014’s “Black Lemon” to new tracks from their latest album, Reader as Detective. “Would you like to hear our first song?” Widmer asked the audience before playing “When They Fight, They Fight” from their debut release, Con Law. The irresistible beat was a crowd-pleaser—perfect for singing along.

At first listen, Generationals songs are infectious. It was certainly hard not to dance to upbeat tracks like “Ten-Twenty-Ten” from their 2011 release Actor Castor. Those listening while they swayed their hips were also treated to memorable lyrics. The venue went dark as if to highlight the words as Widmer sang, ‘Don’t push yourself to turn people down / You’ve got your hands for pushing me around’ on 2012’s “Lucky Numbers”.

With Widmer playing guitar and Joyner on keys, the two alternated vocals throughout the night. Joyner took centre stage for the 2017 single, “Avery”, but soon found his way onto the dance floor where he paused a moment to put his arm around a female fan and sing, “I will still love you.”

After Generationals ended their set with 2019’s “Breaking the Silence”, the crowd cheered and whistled, eventually chanting ‘One more song, one more song’ before the group returned to the stage for a three song encore. The final song of the night was a good one. As the group performed 2013’s “Spinoza”, fans waved their arms in the air and danced more than they had all night.

Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture opened the show with a set of expressive indie-pop. Singer Sarah Versprille and guitarist Daniel Hindman were accompanied on stage by Christopher Icasiano on drums and Justin Chase on keyboards. The group performed a selection of songs, including new tracks from their 2019 release Night Pass.

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